Market, Economy and Cycles, Part 1

6 min read

In this sharing, we look to better understand the essence of a free-market economy from a more fundamental viewpoint of the market interactions. We also look to understand the cyclic patterns of the economy from a perspective different from Western Economics. This is the first part of our firm’s internal sharing during a recent hindsight analysis of the market. Before discussing specific issues, let’s first discuss the correct method to study things. Generally, we first analyze the problem, find out the main contradictions, and then remove the non-critical factors as much as possible to restore things to the most generalized…...

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Finn Zhang Finn Zhang holds a Master degree in Physics (Ph.d ABD). He has done research on particle physics, statistical physics, mathematical physics, and computational physics. He has worked on the modeling of physics and social science problems using mathematics and statistics for many years in the industry. Further, he has applied a nonlinear dynamics method and made progress in marketing analysis and price prediction. Currently, his main interests are in heterodox financial model building and data-driven financial modeling.