Pacific Gas & Electronic: A silent Partner in the Unsustainable Golden State Economy of California

The state of California, with the 39.56 million in Population and Area of 163,696 square miles, has a net worth over...
Adam Tabriz, MD
9 min read

Socialism will Only Make Income Inequality Worse

A few weeks ago, the New York Times ran an article regarding the implementation of a “Wealth Tax.” Both Sanders and...
Tom Campenni
4 min read

Market, Economy and Cycles, Part 1

In this sharing, we look to better understand the essence of a free-market economy from a more fundamental viewpoint of the...
Finn Zhang
6 min read

The Last Mile Problem: Understanding the Economics Affecting the Future of Blockchain

Is Blockchain designed for consumers or organizations? Will it ever be an Uber-alike app built on Blockchain? What is holding Blockchain...
Leo Jiang
6 min read