Artificial Intelligence

Will AI fall in Love?

Perhaps the most reliable way to understand how we and our mind work is Artificial Intelligence. It allows us to test...
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Artificial Intelligence Vs Intelligent 5G: Will They Work Together?

We are at the edge of something truly transformational and completely driven by two much-publicized now critical development super examples: artificial...
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Medico-legal Perils of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Technology is advancing at an alarming rate, as its footprints can be amenably noticed within the healthcare domain. The overpowering ambivalence...
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Sensory Marketing with AI: A New Way to Stimulate Senses

Did you know according to research visual appearance is the key deciding factor for making purchasing decisions for 93% of consumers?...
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Surprise Medical Bills and the Abrupt Congressional Bill

Any soul with a sound judgment may concur healthcare is not a free service. Whether considered a government-run program or a...
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Never Say Die: Holograms bring the dead back to life forever

The 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz,” had an element of prediction in it that no one saw at the time...
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The Quest to Build Robots With Common Sense

For all the hyperbole and hysterical media coverage, today’s robots are not really all that smart. Sure, they can operate motor...
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AI will make studying much more efficient. And a hell. When you think about it for only a minute, it will...
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Artificial Intelligence

5 Critical Success Factors for AI Projects

With more users getting on to the internet, there’s a noticeable rise in searches for growth prospects. And one such bubble...
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AI: Future Health’s Lubricant

Skin cancer and virtual shrinks. Depression and Instagram. Where would we be without AI? Skin cancer is one of the most...
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Artificial Superintelligence

Should We Fear Artificial Superintelligence? A Response

February 23, 2019 John Loeffler posted an interesting article on The post is called “Should We Fear Artificial Superintelligence?”, and...
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Marketers Rush to Rise on the AI Tide

Artificial intelligence is the wave of today and tomorrow, and content marketers are struggling not be left in its wake. Among...
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