5 Critical Success Factors for AI Projects

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Artificial Intelligence

With more users getting on to the internet, there’s a noticeable rise in searches for growth prospects. And one such bubble employers and employees are looking to penetrate, is Artificial Intelligence. Whether you’re a technology enthusiast, or a business owner looking to augment your digital stack, there’s a reason for the burgeoning interest in the hand AI applications have in improving workforce productivity and process efficiency, while lowering operational costs. Healthcare, for instance, is already using AI to interpret patient data, populate appointment calendars and medical charts, send out prescription refill reminders and helping clinicians take informed decisions for at-risk…...

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Aakash Gupta Aakash Gupta is the resource management subject matter expert at Saviom Software. His work has been featured on widely acclaimed business and technology sites and has enabled businesses to reclaim workforce efficiency. Reach out to him on LinkedIn to start a conversation!