Soft Data

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Soft Data

I’ve written previously about the Noösphere and the ever-wonderful ways by which humanity is collecting, organizing and distributing information throughout the intricately innumerable networks that overlay our existence. Bandwidth is proliferating at a tremendous pace as information is being evaporated and stored in bountiful cloud systems; and as access itself cascades upon new echelons of humanity, fresh generations and untapped regions, humanity is poised to enter a new era unlike any other we’ve experienced. This post isn’t going to present anything new apart from, possibly, a different way of looking at our relationship with information. This is more so about…...

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Michael Woronko Michael Woronko is an avid writer and explorer of all things curious. Rekindling ancient philosophical questioning in a modern context whereby humanity faces its greatest leap forward into tech, space, and the mind. A top writer in numerous topics on Medium ranging from space to mental health and a sprouting entrepreneur, Michael's motivation stems from venturing into his own consciousness, experience, and observations.