How Gamers are Rewriting the Future

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Gamers are Rewriting the Future

SXSW: How gamers are taking over AI and blockchain & rewriting the future… Who said playing video games won’t get you anywhere in life? Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi has his hand tightly gripped on the mouse, his eyes are full of intense focus, darting from the left to right side of his screen, checking for movement. KuroKy’s total earnings last year were US$4,162,204. You start thinking you should have become a trader. But KuroKy doesn’t work in finance where it used to be standard issue for senior traders to take home millions. He is part of the next wave of self-made millionaires…....

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Alyse Sue Alyse Sue is a freelance writer who covers emerging tech and transhumanism. Alyse is also a developer working on solving grand global challenges with AI and Blockchain. She is also co-founder of two healthtech startups. Prior to this, Alyse was a founding team member of KPMG's Innovate team, focused on helping corporates innovate.