Alyse Sue

  Alyse Sue is a freelance writer who covers emerging tech and transhumanism. Alyse is also a developer working on solving grand global challenges with AI and Blockchain. She is also co-founder of two healthtech startups. Prior to this, Alyse was a founding team member of KPMG's Innovate team, focused on helping corporates innovate.


6 Stories by Alyse Sue

The Future of Humanity is Genetic Engineering and Neural Implants

SXSW the leading tech, music, and film festival is on March 13–22nd 2020. It will feature talks on cutting edge technology such as genetic...
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How Gamers are Rewriting the Future

SXSW: How gamers are taking over AI and blockchain & rewriting the future… Who said playing video games won’t get you anywhere in life? Kuro...
4 min read 687

SXSW: Will AI eventually self-supervise and determine its own ethics?

This is what Hanson Robotics and others had to say at SXSW. Not long ago, Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to Sophia the humanoid robot. This...
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All the best AI conference sessions at SXSW

The SXSW events you shouldn’t miss if you’re interested in AI! If you’re attending SXSW this week, you will already know this is the biggest...
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The 12 key MWC sessions for emerging tech and transhumanism

All the best sessions for AI, AR/VR, and Biohacking MWC, formerly known as Mobile World Congress, is the world’s biggest conference for mobile technology....
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5 lessons on how to fight bias in AI from Pause Fest

Lessons from Google, Microsoft, and the best tech companies Last week I was invited by KJR, a strategic IT advisory firm, to speak on...
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