5 lessons on how to fight bias in AI from Pause Fest

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Lessons from Google, Microsoft, and the best tech companies Last week I was invited by KJR, a strategic IT advisory firm, to speak on their panel at Pause Fest on ‘The risk is real: uncovering ethics and bias in AI’, joining other AI experts from AI Health and KJR. Bias, ethics, and diversity in tech seemed to be a big topic at Pause Fest with several sessions covering these areas, including from Google and Microsoft. Here are 5 lessons from the panel and Pause Fest in general. 1. Develop targets for team diversity Sam Keene, AR Lead UX Engineer at…...

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Alyse Sue Alyse Sue is a freelance writer who covers emerging tech and transhumanism. Alyse is also a developer working on solving grand global challenges with AI and Blockchain. She is also co-founder of two healthtech startups. Prior to this, Alyse was a founding team member of KPMG's Innovate team, focused on helping corporates innovate.