The Future of Humanity is Genetic Engineering and Neural Implants

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SXSW the leading tech, music, and film festival is on March 13–22nd 2020. It will feature talks on cutting edge technology such as genetic engineering and neural implants. “If software ate the world last decade, biology will dominate the next” The last decade saw the rise in popularity of software engineering jobs, marked by the increasing number of coding bootcamps, and rush by schools to add coding to the curriculum. This coming decade may see the rise of genetic engineer. Instead of programming computers, the next decade will be about programming cells. While computers are programmed using ones and zeroes,…...

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Alyse Sue Alyse Sue is a freelance writer who covers emerging tech and transhumanism. Alyse is also a developer working on solving grand global challenges with AI and Blockchain. She is also co-founder of two healthtech startups. Prior to this, Alyse was a founding team member of KPMG's Innovate team, focused on helping corporates innovate.