How AI Models Will Lengthen the Human Lifespan

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How long do you think you’ll live? Your answer is probably between 70 and 100 years old. What if I told you that with AI, we can significantly increase that number? By using AI in the drug discovery process and in emergency healthcare, we could live way beyond the age constraints that we have on us now. Speeding Up Drug Discovery AI can allow us to discover more efficient and effective drugs faster, leading to a longer life xpectancy. An example of a company currently working on speeding up the drug discovery process using AI is Insilico Medicine. They’re using…...

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Ramandeep Saini Ramandeep Saini is a writer who covers topics in emerging tech, such as artificial intelligence. She’s served as a consultant to companies such as Walmart Canada and Wealthsimple in the past, using her expertise in tech to guide them towards their corporate goals. In her free time, she runs an art blog and enjoys volunteering with local nonprofits.