Superhuman AI Is Not a Myth

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Most readers of Data Driven Investor will, I suspect, have heard of Artificial Superintelligence: a future Artificial Intelligence that is (much) more intelligent than even Albert Einstein or whoever your favorite genius is. Important thinkers like billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk and the late physicist Stephen Hawking have warned us that such an AI might doom humanity. Although I am optimistic, I share these worries: by definition, a superintelligent AI will be very good at pursuing its goal, granted that it’s programmed with one. Unless it’s also programmed to be friendly towards humans (so-called Friendly AI), an Artificial Superintelligence might, in…...

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Hein de Haan My name is Hein de Haan. An Artificial Intelligence expert, I am concerned with the future of humanity. As a result, I try to study as much as possible about many different topics in order to have a positive impact on society.