Robotic Agents and Human Principals

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Development of science and technologies are anticipated to lead to the emergence of artificial cognition and robots with technical and cognitive capabilities of human beings. Future workforces shall be able to compute faster, work without emotional dependencies and with no physical fatigue. Also, human beings may be able to upgrade themselves to Cyborgs and having additional capabilities by deploying High-Tech tools implanted to their bodies. Such developments change the working environment and probably the socio-economic aspects of the societies. While the Agent-Principal theory of Eisenhardt has been one of the foundations based on which the organizational theories are shaped, what…...

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Hamed Qadim Hamed is a graduate of B.Sc. in engineering from Petroleum University of Technology and Master of Business Administration in Project Management from Asia Pacific International College and has more than fifteen years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He has been active in the domain of entrepreneurship during the last 7 years. His interest in studying philosophy and human sciences, besides his working experience, has shaped his focus area on philosophical aspects of entrepreneurship. He is now studying and practicing to determine a framework for Spiritual Entrepreneurship.