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scooter parked on footpath

From an unprofitable company to data mogul If you live in a big city, you might have noticed the arrival of weird new vehicles: electric scooters. If you’re over 40, you might have been annoyed by all these 20-something, wearing hemmed jeans, with wireless Airpods and a helmet carelessly cruising the streets on their rented scooters: it’s called millennials. You also might have wondered if they are going to disappear at some point… Guess what: it won’t happen. With over 37,000 of them in Los Angeles, 15,000 in Paris and a lot more in 120 cities, Bird and Lime dominate…...

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Raphael Hassid I am a French student from EDHEC Business School (Lille, northern France), where I am studying business administration with a concentration in finance. Before that, I studied engineering in Paris. I am currently working as an intern at a real estate promoter in Paris. I work in the financial department, where I study the feasibility of real estate projects (cost for buying, for building, etc.). In the future, I hope to pursue a career in Venture Capital. I am passionate about new technologies, and the VC space seems to be the best opportunity to mix my passion for finance with my passion for technology. Apart from that, I write articles as a hobby. I write about new technologies and finance-related subjects. Soon I hope to found a blog where articles are stored in a blockchain ledger. Therefore, most recently I have been focusing on learning to code using Solidity. As this project develops, I will be sure to update you.