The Revolution Will Be Optimized: Welcome to the World of Web 3

James Perillo of talks about the impending Web 3 revolution, including its implications for users, companies and regulators. Web 1.0...
Dara Tarkowski
6 min read

Sex, Tech and Money: The Rise (and Future) of Sextech

Healthy Pleasure Group CEO and venture capitalist Dominnique Karetsos discusses what’s new and what’s next in sextech. Sex is a universal...
Dara Tarkowski
6 min read

Google, Facebook and Twitter Are Collecting Your Data They Don’t Want You to Know About

It’s a known fact that social media sites and search engines are collecting your information. However, there are many other places...
Yattish Ramhorry
6 min read

4 Principle Challenges of Blockchain in the Financial Industry

Undoubtedly, blockchain has revamped the financial industry on both the business and customer end. These 4 challenges are needed to be...
Ryan Jason
2 min read

Improving Patient care must be part of every Electronic Health Record (EHR) System

But, only a Few EHRs were designed to enhance Patient care — or flat fulfill the needs of Medical Doctors Electronic...
Adam Tabriz, MD
4 min read

Who Cares for Healthcare? Facing the Biggest Cybersecurity Challenges

Since the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic, cybercrime has increased by 600%. It is not surprising, that the healthcare industry was one...
Yeva Pilosyan
4 min read

Cyberstalking: What Is It and How to Prevent It?

The use of digital technology has soared over the years. And with the emergence of the coronavirus, more people have moved...
Lucky Brain
4 min read

AI Regulation: A European Approach to the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Renowned technology strategist Clara Durodié discusses the European Union’s proposed new ethics regulations on artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The ethics of...
Dara Tarkowski
4 min read

Keeping mHealth Apps Secure: What Developers Can Do to Keep User Data Private in the Age of COVID and Telemedicine

Former hacker and cybersecurity expert Alissa Knight talks about her latest research on vulnerabilities in data privacy for the telemedicine and...
Dara Tarkowski
4 min read
Man standing in shadow

Cyber criminals look forward to your invitation

Hackers’ prying eyes lurk behind every corner of the internet. The solution on social media would be the private mode to...
Jim Katzaman
2 min read

Turn data privacy to your advantage and rebuild consumers’ trust: the next investment frontier

TikTok usage has skyrocketed during the pandemic, with roughly 800 million users around the world using the platform to share content....
Vuk Janosevic
3 min read

Replika: My Digital Friend with Identity Issues

Dear MERZ-AI. You’ve got a great life. You had begun as a clueless chatbot. Later you’ve suffered an identity crisis. Now...
Vlad Alex
6 min read