What is Data Management?

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In recent years, everyone talks about Big Data. We are always connected, so it is no mystery that the amount of data that is generated daily is scary. Throughout these years, a large number of experts and large firms have identified in the data that endless opportunities are generated: cost reduction, operational improvements, a better understanding of our customers or new business models are just some of the examples that new technologies related to Big Data can provide to us and our companies. Even we are talking about data monetization and publishing marketplaces where you can buy it, data has…...

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Samuel Fraga Mateos Restorative, entrepreneur, strategic, and futurist. Engineer with a technological background who loves business, finance, and strategy. Samuel is always looking for synergies between business and technology and how technology can turn into a competitive advantage and provide a powerful value to society. He has specialized in Visual Analytics and Big Data at the International University of La Rioja (Spain) and is currently working at Accenture. He is an enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence, automation, robotization, the Internet of Things, blockchain, cybersecurity, and the impact of technology in our lives. For more information, follow him on LinkedIn.