Digital Marketing and Privacy: What is Changing and How to Adapt?

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The interaction between brands and consumers has become much easier, courtesy of the internet. It would take loads of effort to reach out to the audience in the past. Today, it’s just a matter of seconds. It has gifted companies the opportunity to snowball and reach for the skies much faster than was possible earlier. The instant access to customer information 24/7 has increased the reliance on technology. It has also made consumers worry about their data privacy and how companies use it. This question haunts many digital users, and companies slowly come to terms with the new normal. Thus,…...

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Shaukat Ali An enthusiastic writer, gamer, and foodie, interested in helping people and becoming a veteran in all things technical. Cybersecurity is her passion, and the fight for digital privacy is one of her favourite subjects to dig deeper on a regular basis.