Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)

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Have you ever looked at a material and wondered what it’s made of? Wondered what you might be coming in contact with daily? Well with the use of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy, we can tell exactly what’s in all those materials. Whoa whoa, back up. Laser Induced Breakdown whaaat? Let’s break (no pun intended) it down. Alaser, as you probably know, is a device that shoots a concentrated beam of visible light. They can be used for cutting like in surgery, or simply to scan bar codes at the grocery store. In LIBS, the laser is the initiator of the…...

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Paige Gugeler Paige Gugeler is a writer who covers topics in emerging tech like artificial intelligence and genomics. She’s worked with companies such as Walmart Canada and Wealthsimple, using her expertise in tech to guide them towards their corporate goals. In her free time, she runs an art blog and enjoys trying out new projects in AI.