Blockchain Start-Ups In New York City Are The Secret You Never Read About

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NYC needs more start-up culture reporting I think blockchain has gotten a bad reputation in the NYC financial community. It is a mistake. I have worked on Wall Street for over 20 years, but I cover crypto and blockchain start-ups as a writer. I have managed two large blockchain proofs-of-concept projects. When the term carried weight and hype, everyone wanted to get in on the action. It was sexy. People liked the sound; they called themselves blockchain thought-leaders, crypto-enthusiasts, and change-the-world leaders. Remember when old companies, e.g., Kodak, used blockchain as a media boost? Very few people understood the technology,…...

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Robert Anzalone I report on start-ups who create innovation through data science, cryptocurrency, collateralized tokens and stable coins by banks and enterprises. My coverage includes blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) technology adoption across financial institutions using different platforms. My stories include use-cases about payment systems, transfer payments, and other use-cases that implement DLT innovations to transform finance. I have managed blockchain adoption projects for the banking sector for several years. I am also a data scientist working with Stevens University in Hoboken, NJ as well as a business adjunct professor teaching entrepreneurship. My business experience has been with Wall Street Investment banks for over 20 years in securities and trading operations.