Simulating Popular Distributions in Python

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Interest in machine learning and data science has been growing at a rapid rate in recent years. More and more students are enrolling in online data sciences courses that are great at teaching them how to fit machine-learning algorithms to simple data sets. Most of these online courses are fantastic in explaining complex techniques related to machine learning, however, only a few of them delve into the mathematical statistics behind the fancy algorithms. The fundamentals of statistics are grossly undervalued in these courses. For example, there are many so-called data scientists that cannot distinguish between discrete and continuous data. It…...

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Luka Beverin As a current Masters in Statistics student, Luka is eager to simplify complex topics and provide big-data solutions to real-world problems. He also has an educational background in actuarial and financial engineering. In his spare time, Luka enjoys traveling, writing on machine learning topics and taking part in data science competitions.