Mamta Shanware

  An IT professional transitioned into a content developer and digital marketer, Mamta helps businesses in their efforts to reach out to larger audiences and new prospects. She leverages her background in IT, Engineering and Management to strategize and craft compelling content for a variety of audiences. She loves to experiment, read and write on topics ranging from business and technology trends to personal experiences. To know more, you can reach out to her on LinkedIn.


2 Stories by Mamta Shanware

Big Data Analytics in Telemedicine Reshaping the Healthcare Industry

Telemedicine market is booming and Big Data analytics is transforming Telemedicine in a big way. Let’s see how… Recently, there has been a big...
3 min read

How Augmented Reality Integrated with IoT (AR-IoT) Can Transform Farmer’s Reality?

Rising food demand needs a transitional change in traditional agriculture. An amalgamation of AR-IoT can provide cost-effective and optimal solutions to farmers.   The...
2 min read 744