Bridging the Cryptocurrency Divide: A Challenge for Communications Professionals

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Some first-person research here: when I mention cryptocurrency to those outside its universe, the immediate reaction often is: “stay away,” or “not for me.” As it should be, when you consider the tremendous ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market. It’s been the Wild West of asset transfer– marred by its affiliation with the “Silk Road,” the Mt. Gox meltdown and the 2018 “Crypto Winter.” While there are speculators who made their mark during the volatile rides of Bitcoin (BTC), for the most part, crypto has been seen as too risky, too maverick for the mainstream. And the media has…...

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Joyce Pavia Hanson Joyce Pavia Hanson owns Hanson Marketing Communications. She writes for cryptocurrency startups and is an instructor for Digital Communications Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Communications@Syracuse.