Thoughts About Being A Software Project Manager

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A reflection on leadership in software. Background The Initiative A few months ago I had an initiative that I have been wanting to realize. In the company that I have been working in, there seems to be a lack of documentation for teaching and no media for knowledge sharing between teams. I thought that there has to be one, for the better of us all. So I approached HR and proposed this project. To help people learn. Since I work on a university campus, I thought it might be a good idea to have the learning management system (or LMS…...

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Agustinus Theodorus Agustinus currently works as an IT Architecture and Web Services Staff at Bina Nusantara IT Division. Handles crucial API for the company's core data process. His hobbies include reading, writing, and coding (obviously!). His interests include automation, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. Though he isn't a tech-specific writer, you can read more about Agustinus and his works on his blog.