Tap Into the Power of Investor Sentiment with Web Scraping

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Markets are increasingly volatile, owing to various reasons ranging from economic events to purely technical factors. Investor sentiment is another critical factor that moves markets. Gauging sentiment-fuelled trading activity is becoming more critical due to emerging mobile trading applications, dedicated social media groups, and the rapid spread of internet information. Given the constantly evolving trading environment, numerous questions arise in investment circles concerning the value of investor sentiment and its importance in making portfolio decisions. Web scraping provides the data that answers many of those questions while enabling firms to implement precision data-driven trading strategies. What is Investor Sentiment? Investor…...

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Gediminas Rickevičius Gediminas Rickevičius, Vice President of Global Partnerships at Oxylabs. For over 13 years, Gediminas Rickevicius has been a force of growth for leading information technology, advertising and logistics companies around the globe. He has been changing the traditional approach to business development by integrating big data into strategic decision-making. As a Vice President of Global Partnerships at Oxylabs, Gediminas continues his mission to empower businesses with state-of-art public web data gathering solutions.