Segun Ojediran

  I am a business strategist with over 10 years of experience, helping clients evaluate their business objectives and develop strategies to achieve them. I have expertise in analysing both internal and external business environments to solve problems, optimise performance, and create products with compelling value propositions that customers want. I also write about: * Entrepreneurship * Personal finance, and * Personal growth My goal is to empower you with insights to make quality decisions that will help you grow your business to the next level.


2 Stories by Segun Ojediran

Homeowners Are Increasingly Unhappy: Do This to Avoid Their Mistakes

Can you imagine the impact that could have on your down payment or monthly mortgage? In fact, if you invest it at 10%, after...
3 min read

Your Pre-Investment Decisions Might Be Behind Your Stock Market Losses Despite Investing in Quality Assets

“I remember a friend telling me how he made over $20,000 from his Tesla stocks on August 25 – the wildest day of the...
4 min read