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3 Best Portfolio Construction Techniques you need to know in 2023

3 Best Portfolio Construction Techniques you need to know in 2023

2022 was an unprecedented year in the investing landscape, with record losses across stocks and bonds. US equities posted a loss...
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Demystifying CeFi and DeFi

DeFi vs CeFi: these terms seem a bit complex, but in practice, they are things that apparently already existed, at least...
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A pencil and watercolor drawing of a patient that runs away from a stressed posh doctor with a syringe in his hand

Patients, Not Patents, Will Shape Life Science

Why M&A strategy focusing on selling low-margin business inhibits innovation, lowers entry barriers, dilutes expertise, and weakens patient ties In the last...
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Asymptotes everywhere

An asymptote is a straight line that constantly approaches a given curve but does not meet at any infinite distance. In other...
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2022 Medium Articles Analysis Scraped with Python

Scraped and analyzed 6432 articles published by Towards Data Science in 2022. Introduction When I start publishing articles regularly, I always have...
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Keeping the World in Mind: Branding for Social Impact

As should be obvious by now, people are worried about the state of the world. With the increasing dangers of global...
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