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How Much is Your Startup Worth? Five Ways to Find Out

A startup worth evaluation reminds me of a coin toss. With no operational value, real income, or сlear-eyed market feedback, tangible...
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3 Dividend Kings With Safe Payouts

Inflation continues to be a drag on the economy. The consumer price index rose 9.1% in June year-over-year, which was the...
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Digital Marketing and Privacy: What is Changing and How to Adapt?

The interaction between brands and consumers has become much easier, courtesy of the internet. It would take loads of effort to...
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5 Facts About Forex Fundamental Analysis That Will Blow Your Mind

When you research the forex market by analyzing interest rates, employment rate, International trade and manufacturing, and GDP, that is fundamental...
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Robot watering plants

A Journey to Self-Sufficiency

It is time to reconsider how we think about sustainability and incorporate it into all aspects of our consumption, manufacturing, innovation,...
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How Can Writing Attract New Customers To Your Business?

Writing means articles, guides, newsletters, case studies, and generally all the valuable text content that a company produces. Writing attracts new...
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