Keeping the World in Mind: Branding for Social Impact

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As should be obvious by now, people are worried about the state of the world. With the increasing dangers of global warming and climate change, the damage wrought by the multifarious forms of systemic inequality, and the simple desire for one’s personal choices to help rather than harm the world, a rapidly growing movement of consumers are refusing to separate their purchase and investment choices from their values. So, what should a business do? The answer: Do good. Social impact branding can be a win-win for any company. Doing good, and doing it right, provides brands with a certain level…...

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Demos Parneros Demos Parneros is an experienced and innovative retail and e-commerce leader, helping Staples grow from a startup to a Fortune 100 company, serving as President of North American Retail and E-commerce businesses. He subsequently took on the role of CEO at Barnes & Noble, leading a focused transformation plan, which eventually led to the sale of the company. In addition to previously serving on several high-profile company boards, Demos now leads CityPark LLC, where he has invested in 15 companies, including several leading-edge retail tech startups.