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How AI is Creating Millions of Remote Jobs Around the World

As artificial intelligence and robotics systems advance, people worry that more and more jobs will become automated.  When people talk about...
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Rugged individualism

The fundamental attitude towards a genuine Personalized healthcare Ultimate sustainability is the state desired in almost every aspect of our lives....
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Understanding the Blockchain’s Chain Of Blocks

There is a flood of information about Blockchain around us nowadays, countless books, articles, and videos, indeed. Many people read, write,...
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Smart City: How Startups Can Succeed

Self-driving cars that talk to roads and to each other, ensuring fast, safe and convenient  transportation. Energy generation and distribution that...
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Telescope view of moon

Why are planets so darned important to culture?

Why is Pluto no longer a planet? The question perplexes physicist, former ABC News science editor, author and teacher Dr. Michael...
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One Last Thought

Ido Singer hosts a very unique podcast called The One Last Thought podcast. Through the medium of podcast episodes, he has...
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