Data Apocalypse Later

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“Experience as a whole is not something that anyone can be spared”. — Hans-Georg Gadamer Data Driven is a Car Crash? Thinking about -and operating in -an unknowable future is hard. But being data driven sure helps cover that. Data is the ultimate form of competitive advantage. It enables to build accurate models of customer-competitor-market behaviour which can ‘inform’ strategic choices. Data says ‘let there be light!’ and — lo- there is light. Or is there? Humans beings love certainty. We need it to function. Data helps us test experiments that we create on the basis of our interactions with…well…yes……...

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Peter Stannack Peter Stannack -tries to- unite thinking about technology data science, finance, politics, economics and business because as soon as you define a sphere of interest you are excluding potentially relevant data. You are defined by the problems you try to solve. And so is he.