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Would You Press the Psychopath Button?

You’re sitting at your couch watching Netflix, when suddenly, the doorbell rings. You open the door and find there’s nobody there;...
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So, is Russia Thriving or Imploding? Medias Show Polarizing Headlines

A Refresher on Sanctions & their Impacts on the Russian Economy The Ukraine and Russia war began on February 24. Almost 6...
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3 Things That Make a Great Career

With the rise of strategies like quiet quitting, it is clear that work-life balance and career quality are becoming even more...
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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Failing Upward

It’s where you land that counts. I’ve failed at several businesses in multiple industries: academia, advertising, real estate, as co-founder of...
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Supply Chain Planning and Clinical Trials Adaptive Design

It is time for cheaper, faster, more granular, and more precise clinical trials Discovering new drugs, repurposing or repositioning existing ones, and...
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Steps to Electromobility in California

Ground-Breaking Decision in California California air regulators decided last week to ban the sales of new gasoline cars from 2035. This...
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