Making Sense Of Tokenizing Tickets As NFTs

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Before you can attend and enter a venue for a concert, exhibit, movies, sports, theater, conference or special events, you need a ticket. The Digital Age has made it easier to purchase tickets online. All that a user needs to do is access a website or download an app and make their ticket purchase. The user then presents a ticket QR code to enter the venue. Prior to that, users had to order their tickets from a ticket seller (e.g. Ticketron) and wait for the tickets to be mailed by postal delivery. Later, tickets were sent via e-mail and users just…...

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vincenttabora I am a network engineer and technology writer, with a deep focus in blockchain and machine learning technology. I have extensive experience in the IT industry developing and implementing solutions in various industries. I eventually became more interested in blockchain due to the rise in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. I realized that it was not about speculating on price value, it is a disruption in the finance industry. At the moment I like to educate about the significance of cryptocurrency, which I feel has great potential to drive innovation not just in financial systems, but even in settlements and trust.