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Cash is king, more potent than we think

On March 12, 2020, on the eve of President Trump declaring COVID-19 a national emergency, the New York Times reported that...
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WTO Paralysis Demonstrates America’s Dominance of Global Trade

Mr. Trump ruthlessly side-lined the WTO. The US now understands its power over trade, because Trump knows you either use it...
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Using Google Search Trends to Predict Initial Jobless Claims

For several years now, my focus has been on using alternative data of many kinds to predict macroeconomic statistics. When ran...
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How Hedge Funds Are Profiting From Your Data

The Full Extent of How Your Personal Data is Being (Mis)used You are going to the supermarket for groceries; on your...
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Encoder Decoder Sequences: How Long is Too Long?

In machine learning many times we deal with the input being a sequence and the output also a sequence. We call...
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Coronavirus; A- to Panic; Z between the lines

Chronology of frequent global pandemics The topics around Coronavirus; more precisely, COVID-19 has almost occupied the entire headlines of the news...
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