Azbit aims to connect traditional finance and cryptocurrency

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Azbit is the next crypto project providing an exchange platform offering margin and algorithmic trading. As numerous similar projects have not turned into a success, Azbit needs to bring something special to the table to have a chance at succeeding. And it does. With Azbit, it is possible to invest in both cryptocurrency and traditional stocks. Attract new money and increase adoption for cryptocurrency In order for crypto to fulfill it’s potential, more adoption is needed and new money has to come in. However, 2018 showed us that not all new money is a step in the right direction. At…...

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Tim van Rijt My name is Tim van Rijt, born in the Netherlands in 1985. I have worked in the online advertising industry for over 8 years. My interest in innovating and testing new opportunities paved the way to become Head of Innovation. I have had a fascination for cryptocurrency since 2014. I stepped into crypto right before the Mt. Gox hack, seeing the value of my portfolio decrease and eventually took my losses. Early 2017, I saw a new opportunity with Ethereum, buying in at $10 per coin. With my upcoming wedding, I cashed out when Ethereum was around $18, only to see the price rise up to $400 per coin. This summed up the start of my crypto career: bad timing. In my spare time, I love watching football (soccer for Americans). I support Manchester United and local team Roda JC. I also enjoy playing either FIFA or Fortnite on my Playstation.