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Decentralization Is The Future of Social Media

People are tired of unelected social media corporation leaders restricting their freedoms The world is constantly changing, two decades ago you...
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Development Process: From Product Concept to Manufacturing

In the first decade of my career, I worked for startups and highly innovative teams. Only recently, I accomplished an MBA...
Shachar Oz
4 min read

Economy, Monopoly, and Professional Licensing

Occupational licensing is a way the government regulates a profession for compensation. Often only market access as a self-employed is limited...
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Why We Invested In — High Quality Telemedicine

Excited to announce our seed investment alongside, Refactor Capital and Esther Dyson in which helps reduce variability and increase...
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Investors Ask Many Questions About Your Financials

Here’s a comprehensive guide. Everything you need to know Working in a segment that supports investors during the investment process (Due...
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What is a Low Carbon Transformation? Buildings Technology (Part IV)

The buildings and construction sector accounted for 36% of final global energy use in 2018. This staggering share of the world’s...
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