Jan Mozer

  I am a finance professional and curious writer about startups, new business models, venture capital and Mexico.


6 Stories by Jan Mozer

Due Diligence in Context

Over the past weeks, several of you asked me about the classification of the financial due diligence within an M&A transaction. So, let’s discuss...
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One Question, Four Aspects

How to check if the business plan is integrated During your due diligence work in a M&A transaction, you will often have to perform...
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No place at the table without this one table

An introduction to cap tables “Our potential investors asked as to present the cap table. What is he/she looking for?” I’ve been asked this...
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There are four different stages in a company’s life cycle

What’s the impact on financial analysis? A due diligence is boring because it’s always the same. It’s a standardized procedure. After you’ve done it...
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Are you looking for strategic or financial investors?

You need to be aware of the rationale of each investor type before starting the process. And there’s even an invisible third party. I’ve...
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Investors Ask Many Questions About Your Financials

Here’s a comprehensive guide. Everything you need to know Working in a segment that supports investors during the investment process (Due Diligence) and the...
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