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Is AI Really Going to Boom in 2023/2024?

Maching Learning, AI, ChatGPT, Bard… and so on. You’ve probably heard most if not all of them. These are some of...
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Introducing the New DDIntel

where DDI is intensified by crowd-sourced intelligence We’re absolutely thrilled to announce our plan to give DDIntel its most significant breakthrough...
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Debt Management Strategies 📉

Taking control of your finances Debt can feel like a heavy burden, but with the right strategies and a clear plan, you...
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Sentience, LLMs: Does the Brain Refute Panpsychism’s Consciousness?

There is a recent piece in Scientific American, Is Consciousness Part of the Fabric of the Universe?, reporting that, “Scholars recently...
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A stunning banknote with a vibrant galaxy at its core

Business Lessons from the Universe’s First Second

Explore the parallels between the universe’s mysteries and business innovation. Unlock secrets of resilience and visionary thinking in this celestial journey...
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The True Measure Of Wealth According To Robert T. Kiyosaki

Are you wealthy, or do you think you’re wealthy? You might think if you earn a million dollars or six figures through...
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