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4 Stories by Mark Helfman

How Much Will Bitcoin’s Price Go Up After This Month’s Halving?

The $1 trillion question: what will happen to Bitcoin’s price after halving? If history is our guide, not much. What did Bitcoin’s price do...
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I Beat 99% of Wall Street Investment Firms Last Year. Here’s How.

I was inspired by a DDI article, “I Beat 98.4% of Wall Street Investment Funds Last Year. Here’s How.” Kudos to the authors, Henrique...
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The Crypto Market’s Up Again. The Grief Cycle Continues

In the face of failed US bond auctions, a looming collapse in commercial real estate, and persistently high interest rates, Bitcoin’s price is up...
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As the US Loses Crypto, the Crypto Market Wins

We may remember 2023 as the year the US lost crypto. The government shut down crypto-friendly banks, seized a crypto-compatible payment network, sued a...
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