Alex Visotsky Alex Visotsky is a co-founder of Business Booster. The accelerator which since 2009 designed to help companies achieve effectiveness and systematization. With over 7200 trainings delivered, Alex Visotsky has helped numerous companies all over the world to implement the Business Operating System into their organizational structures, which lets them run and scale business without their owners’ participation. He is the author of multiple bestselling books, including “The Business Owner Defined”, “Small Business. Big Game” and others that have globally sold more than 180,000 copies.


4 Stories by Alex Visotsky

What you need to know to attract investors to a company

Primarily, entrepreneurs seek funding sources to launch, expand, or modernize their business. However, investors often also possess advanced experience and can provide valuable advice,...
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How Companies Can Earn More by Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

The world is changing rapidly. Every month brings new, absolutely incredible tools that significantly increase the efficiency of people’s work in various professions. While...
4 min read 141

What Actions Distance a Leader from Success

Four signs indicate a leader is not coping with some of their responsibilities. Read this article to the end – you might find that...
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The Rollup Strategy: The Way it Turns Small Enterprises into the Market Leaders

Upon reaching a certain level in business, an owner aims to enhance their company’s profit and stability. This phase marks a shift in focus...
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