What you need to know to attract investors to a company

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Primarily, entrepreneurs seek funding sources to launch, expand, or modernize their business. However, investors often also possess advanced experience and can provide valuable advice, assist in strategic planning, or offer access to a network of contacts, which will subsequently prove beneficial for business growth. Attracting an investor to an operational business To attract investors, it is crucial to understand that they primarily focus on the return on investment and risks. The business founders, the team, and the product itself are merely risk factors to them.  For example, there are entrepreneurs who are starting their fifth business. They bankrupted their first…...

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Alex Visotsky Alex Visotsky is a co-founder of Business Booster. The accelerator which since 2009 designed to help companies achieve effectiveness and systematization. With over 7200 trainings delivered, Alex Visotsky has helped numerous companies all over the world to implement the Business Operating System into their organizational structures, which lets them run and scale business without their owners’ participation. He is the author of multiple bestselling books, including “The Business Owner Defined”, “Small Business. Big Game” and others that have globally sold more than 180,000 copies.