Getting recruiting right for startups

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Let’s face it! Recruiting is just hard — especially for early stage and growing startups. Every entrepreneur, CEO or COO of a startup will tell you two things: 1. They can’t seem to hire fast enough 2. They’re petrified of waking up a year later not knowing how they hired this sea of mediocrity, that is now their company Those are both very real concerns. To start with, you don’t have a well-known employer brand and everyone is telling you that you have to keep the hiring bar very high to succeed long term(which is great advice, btw). These two…...

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Bharath Jayaraman Bharath Jayaraman is an Organizational and People leader with over 16 years of experience working for large, high bar tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook as well as with hypergrowth, innovative tech startups. His experience included working with leaders and founders across North America, Europe and APAC to seed, grow and scale high performing teams. Bharath is passionate about helping leaders make good people decisions every day and believes that all people mechanisms can and should be measurable to generate insights that drive business decisions at scale.