What Actions Distance a Leader from Success

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Four signs indicate a leader is not coping with some of their responsibilities. Read this article to the end – you might find that you or your employees, whom you appoint as leaders, exhibit some of these signs. In such a case, do not worry – any leader can change their approach, behavior, and bring about more results and enjoy their work more. I will discuss further what traits hinder a leader’s work. 1. Underestimating Requirements The first sign of weakness: a leader underestimates requirements. They are soft and do not want to pressure their subordinates. But one thing must…...

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Alex Visotsky Alex Visotsky is a co-founder of Business Booster. The accelerator which since 2009 designed to help companies achieve effectiveness and systematization. With over 7200 trainings delivered, Alex Visotsky has helped numerous companies all over the world to implement the Business Operating System into their organizational structures, which lets them run and scale business without their owners’ participation. He is the author of multiple bestselling books, including “The Business Owner Defined”, “Small Business. Big Game” and others that have globally sold more than 180,000 copies.