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Responding to “I Can’t Breathe,” and Pandemic

Every day, like many of you, I’ve spent far too much time scanning the news and social media, reading stories and...
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Solving Mathematical Optimization Problems with Differential Calculus

Looking at a fundamental use of calculus, and the incredible insight it can provide. Calculus is arguably the most influential mathematical...
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Time exposure of colored vehicle lights

Great hiring is as basic as the fundamentals

Hiring used to be so simple. Then the world changed, and remote work was no longer a luxury. Taking on new...
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Politicians and AI. Can national strategies succeed?

Politicians are increasingly aware of the various consequences of the expansion of technologies linked to artificial intelligence. We do not know...
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Why Is That Entrepreneur Raising So Much More Than Me?

How much to raise is both an art and a science, a topic discussed at length in many other posts. What...
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The Convergence of Mobile and Mobility

Phones weren’t always smart. Once that changed, they became permanent fixtures in our day to day lives. Inspired by these course...
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