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Is it possible to regulate AI and do we need such regulation?

There is an ongoing debate about how to regulate artificial intelligence. Lawyers, politicians and business people alike feel that the laws...
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On Artificial Intelligence and Surveillance Capitalism

Intro: From Super-Elixer to Dangerous Dark Art Big Tech, which is always now: AI-fueled Big Tech, has made shopping, searching, connecting...
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Climbing the Liquidity Ladder

Big things are happening with private market liquidity. Just as the tokenization fad crashed and burned, a much bigger wave of...
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Internet of Bodies (IoB)

A key notch in medical sustenance; yet another wave of technological swindle The Internet Internet and the Internet of Things (IoT)...
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Internet of Things and the future of the mining industry

Internet of Things and the future of the mining industry

One of the areas where the Internet of Things can make a significant contribution is mining! On 3 February, in Cape...
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What Is The Right Valuation? 4 Core Principles For Entrepreneurs

Deciding on the right valuation is both an art and a science (and some would say black magic). Common sense dictates...
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