Identifying Disaster-related Tweets using NLP

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Identifying disaster-related tweets using deep learning and natural language processing with Fast Ai I’m still taking the Fast Ai course and can’t stop thinking how easily you can make an effective deep learning model with just a few lines of code. I’ve been learning about the text module of the Fast Ai library, which contains all the necessary functions to create a convenient dataset and a model for different Natural Language Processing(NLP) tasks. NLP has been an area that always catches my attention. One of the most popular uses cases in NLP is identifying when a movie review is positive or…...

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Viridiana Romero A Software Developer with a passion for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, specifically Computer Vision in Healthcare. Viridiana is an active member in Latinas in Tech and Women Techmakers communities. She enjoys creating data-driven projects and sharing what she learn to the world! Self-Learning is key.