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Keeping the World in Mind: Branding for Social Impact

As should be obvious by now, people are worried about the state of the world. With the increasing dangers of global...
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How to live off dividends

How much do you need to invest to live off dividends?

This year wasn’t easy for many. I hope you didn’t sell anything and I encourage you again to hold your stocks...
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Power for All: Overcoming Energy Poverty

If you like this content follow me here Energy poverty makes living in poverty worse. In developing countries, access to modern...
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AI’s Big Secret

When artificial intelligence was in its infancy, it was anticipated that someday it would function without human prescription. Several decades later,...
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A Corporate As Your Lead Investor? 4 Key Factors For Startups

Startups get interest from strategic investors all the time. We expect that interest to become more pronounced given the current market...
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What Are the Advantages of AI Chatbots in the Education Field?

Every student has their learning speed. Some can learn fast, while others may need time to comprehend the lesson and move...
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