Sam Warain I am half Filipino/half Sri Lankan and living in Tokyo, Japan. After spending a few years in MBB consulting firm, I moved to an AI Start-Up in Tokyo at an early stage (Series A). We successfully had an IPO at $1bn valuation on the Growth Index in Japan. Currently, I transitioned to a COO role at another AI firm specifically providing services to the manufacturing industry. I have a Newsletter called "Inflated World" sharing personal anecdotes of people experiencing inflation worldwide, especially developing countries. Please consider subscribing.


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September is the Stock Market’s Worst Month: What Will You Buy?

Let’s Revisit What Ray Dalio, Warren Buffett, Saudi Fund, and Tiger Global Purchased during the Downturn We have already seen multiple days of red in...
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So, is Russia Thriving or Imploding? Medias Show Polarizing Headlines

A Refresher on Sanctions & their Impacts on the Russian Economy The Ukraine and Russia war began on February 24. Almost 6 months have passed,...
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Saudi Wealth Fund Just Bought $7B Worth of Growth Stocks: Top 10 Purchases

PIF has been buying growth stocks recently. Should you? Saudi’s largest sovereign wealth fund is Public Investment Fund (PIF). They are the world’s 6th largest...
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What the IMF’s Latest Report Means for the Global Economy

2 Key Questions to Guide You Through Inflation and Protect Yourself The IMF recently released a gloomy report on the projection of the global economy....
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Global Food Crisis: They Got Money For Wars, But Can’t Feed the Poor

Who is most impacted, and what to expect? The global food crisis is a critical issue that we cannot afford to ignore. The global supply...
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