Sam Warain I am half Filipino/half Sri Lankan and living in Tokyo, Japan. After spending a few years in MBB consulting firm, I moved to an AI Start-Up in Tokyo at an early stage (Series A). We successfully had an IPO at $1bn valuation on the Growth Index in Japan. Currently, I transitioned to a COO role at another AI firm specifically providing services to the manufacturing industry. I have a Newsletter called "Inflated World" sharing personal anecdotes of people experiencing inflation worldwide, especially developing countries. Please consider subscribing.


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Don’t Worry. Bitcoin & Crypto May Be Down, But Global Adoption Is Still High

The crypto bear market has been depressing. The value of Bitcoin is considerably down. Ethereum’s merge happened, but crickets. Crypto Twitter is dead. NFTs...
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September is the Stock Market’s Worst Month: What Will You Buy?

Let’s Revisit What Ray Dalio, Warren Buffett, Saudi Fund, and Tiger Global Purchased during the Downturn We have already seen multiple days of red in...
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So, is Russia Thriving or Imploding? Medias Show Polarizing Headlines

A Refresher on Sanctions & their Impacts on the Russian Economy The Ukraine and Russia war began on February 24. Almost 6 months have passed,...
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Saudi Wealth Fund Just Bought $7B Worth of Growth Stocks: Top 10 Purchases

PIF has been buying growth stocks recently. Should you? Saudi’s largest sovereign wealth fund is Public Investment Fund (PIF). They are the world’s 6th largest...
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What the IMF’s Latest Report Means for the Global Economy

2 Key Questions to Guide You Through Inflation and Protect Yourself The IMF recently released a gloomy report on the projection of the global economy....
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Global Food Crisis: They Got Money For Wars, But Can’t Feed the Poor

Who is most impacted, and what to expect? The global food crisis is a critical issue that we cannot afford to ignore. The global supply...
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