Don’t Worry. Bitcoin & Crypto May Be Down, But Global Adoption Is Still High

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Source: Jasper AI The crypto bear market has been depressing. The value of Bitcoin is considerably down. Ethereum’s merge happened, but crickets. Crypto Twitter is dead. NFTs are dead. And we may have to go under for another four years. This can be a tough pill to swallow for those who were hoping to make a quick profit from the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. Actually, I am an unfortunate investor who has missed the top twice in both 2017 and 2022. I kept telling myself that bitcoin could hit $100k, but boy was I wrong. However, surprisingly, the recent Cryptocurrency Adoption…...

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Sam Warain I am half Filipino/half Sri Lankan and living in Tokyo, Japan. After spending a few years in MBB consulting firm, I moved to an AI Start-Up in Tokyo at an early stage (Series A). We successfully had an IPO at $1bn valuation on the Growth Index in Japan. Currently, I transitioned to a COO role at another AI firm specifically providing services to the manufacturing industry. I have a Newsletter called "Inflated World" sharing personal anecdotes of people experiencing inflation worldwide, especially developing countries. Please consider subscribing.