Tavian Jean-Pierre

  https://tavianjp.medium.com/ I am a Visionary and Writer at Tavian’s Blog who seeks to change ideologies, encourage others to find their creative spark, and inspire people through the powerful tools of writing and self-reflection.


4 Stories by Tavian Jean-Pierre

How Positive Management Improves Success

Although we do not often make a direct link between the two, positivity influences profitability. We spend much of our time ensuring company cultures...
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3 Things That Make a Great Career

With the rise of strategies like quiet quitting, it is clear that work-life balance and career quality are becoming even more essential. The world...
4 min read 321

Why Many Great Ideas Come To Nothing

It is easy to be convinced that coming up with ideas is challenging. After all, we have a range of products and services already...
5 min read 273

How to Become an Authentic Leader

We live in an age where authenticity is praised. We want people to feel like they can be themselves, and we embrace inclusivity. Although...
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