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Considerations for Businesses Concerning Remote Employees

Working remotely or telecommuting has become exceedingly popular in recent years. According to the United States Census, about 5% of Americans...
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transportation industry

7 Tips for Building a Transportation Mobile App

The transportation industry today is undergoing massive technological changes and if you run a transportation business, it would be wise to...
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Product Management

6 must-have SKILLS that turn a Product Manager from Good to Great

Why does Product Management function exists? Organizations are driven by 2 entities, One which is focussing on DEFINING THE GOAL The functions...
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Machine Learning

How does a Machine Learn?

This article is for tech enthusiasts’ who are always inquisitive. I will give an introduction on Machine Learning, starting with a...
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human resources

Stop, Look and Lose the Future

Peering into the future, Mark Stelzner, founder and managing principal at human resources consulting firm Inflexion Advisors, sees changes coming. No...
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Privacy vs. Alpha: A Conversation

You are the CEO of a well-known asset management company and are sitting in a meeting with a new data vendor,...
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Making University Finances Easier

This September, just like every September of every year, thousands of 18+-year-olds are being sent off by their parents in pursuit...
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5 Actionable Tips for Summarizing Your Data for Presentations

No matter what field you are in, giving a presentation is part and parcel of the job. You may have data...
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Fed Monetary Policy Consider Financial Stability Risk More Broadly, No...

The Federal Reserve effectiveness is unjustifiably tested by President Trump, who blames data-dependent monetary policy for a stronger dollar rather than...
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