Anastasia Shcherbina

  Anastasia is a technology-oriented writer with extensive experience advising SaaS and blockchain startups. She holds a master's degree in digital marketing and mainly writes with a focus on financial and technical trends.


5 Stories by Anastasia Shcherbina

The Best Publications and Resources for Algorithmic Trading Professionals

One of the main reasons why algorithmic trading has become very popular is due to its advantages over manual trading. These include its ability...
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How to Establish Yourself Full-time Income Through the Data Science and Engineering Communities

Are you an algorithmic trading developer looking for other means to establish full-time income? If that’s the case, you should try securing income by...
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History and Modernity of Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading has a pretty interesting history. It may be common today, but the industry had to conquer many obstacles to become sophisticated and...
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Hedge Fund Investor Relations: 2021 Global Trends

The coronavirus pandemic has seriously affected the economies of many countries. People faced several shocks: general uncertainty and volatility of markets, closure of borders,...
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Who Designs the Stock Trading Software for Hedge Funds?

The activity of a hedge fund is based on a free choice of investment strategy and necessary instruments. Foundations can take a variety of...
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