History and Modernity of Algorithmic Trading

4 min read

Algorithmic trading has a pretty interesting history. It may be common today, but the industry had to conquer many obstacles to become sophisticated and accessible. Algo-trading originated in the 1970s when the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) launched its first electronic order system, the “designated order turnaround (DOT)” system. It let investors from faraway places send orders to specialists working on the exchange floor to fulfill them. Later in the 1980s, the NYSE launched an updated “SuperDOT” electronic order system. Other exchanges launched similar electronic order systems and gave birth to the algorithmic trading sector we know today. Over time,…...

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Anastasia Shcherbina Anastasia is a technology-oriented writer with extensive experience advising SaaS and blockchain startups. She holds a master's degree in digital marketing and mainly writes with a focus on financial and technical trends.